SANI-INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY ADVISORS INC. offers Core, Expert, and Specialized training courses. Topics taught previously at each level are as follows:
Current training topics include:
Core Training CoursesExpert Training CoursesSpecialist Training Courses Customized Training Courses
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Core Training Courses

Fundamentals, Desktop Mapping, Imagery Analysis, Stereo Collection, Cartography, Stereo Analysis, Virtual Model development and analysis.

Expert Training Courses

DEM Generation and Editing, Photogrammetry, Hyperspectral Imagery Analysis, Spatial Modeling and Expert Systems, Softcopy Triangulation & DEM Extraction Strategies, Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Specialist Training Courses

Developer Toolkits, API's, and Best Practices.

Customized Training Courses

Customized training course are available upon request. Contact us for more information.

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