Sani-International Technology Advisors Inc. (SANI-ITA) is in distributor partnership with TerraGo Technologies. This distributorship brings TerraGo Products to the Canadian and Caribbean marketplaces. SANI-ITA will exclusively market and sell TerraGo products to Canadian and Caribbean customers.

TerraGo invented the GeoPDF as a way to provide easy access and geospatial
collaboration capabilities to non-GIS savvy users by extending the Adobe Acrobat Platform. Today, TerraGo develops powerful location intelligence, geospatial collaboration and field data collection solutions that help the world’s leading defense and intelligence departments, government agencies and commercial enterprises achieve mission success. TerraGo allows organizations to discover location intelligence, integrate geospatial intelligence and deliver situational awareness to the edge of operations and back.
Current product offerings include:
PublisherComposer3D ComposerToolbarEdge
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Publisher - GeoPDF creation tool for use directly from industry leading GIS Software. 

TerraGo Publisher® produces advanced geospatial maps and imagery and makes them portable. Geo-referenced pieces can be easily accessed by field workers and decision makers on mobile devices, and shareable so GeoPDF® users can access, update and share GeoPDF maps and imagery inside and outside the organization.
Publisher can produce GeoPDFs from a variety of data sources and is available as an extension tool for ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server. A version of Publisher for Raster is also available that helps companies meet the challenge of sharing large geospatial raster imagery with field workforces.

Composer – Creation and assemble tool for creating advanced GeoPDF products.

TerraGo Composer® enables organizations to create portable, interactive GeoPDF® maps and imagery, GeoPDF mapbooks and other applications that combine geospatial data, business logic and other features into a variety of mission-critical location intelligence products that support information gathering, deliver situational awareness and drive decision-making across modern enterprises.

TerraGo 3D Composer – Tool for creating interactive 3D GeoPDFs from popular 3D data and imagery sources.

TerraGo 3D ComposerTM for Adobe® Acrobat® enables the creation of 3D GeoPDF® models that can be easily accessed and shared by people without advanced training or complex software systems. Users can take LiDAR point clouds, digital elevation models, imagery, and 3D PDF models and create dynamic, interactive, three-dimensional TerraGo GeoPDF models.

Toolbar – All you need to fully interact with a GeoPDF product.

TerraGo Toolbar is an extension to Adobe Acrobat reader that provides field personnel with anytime, anywhere, whether online or offline, access to rich, geospatial information and location intelligence contained within the GeoPDF. It also allows the user to collect on-the-ground intelligence and send it back to analysts and decision makers.

TerraGo Edge – Mobile Data Collection and Collaboration

Collect Field Data from a Mobile Device and Synchronize Location Notes with Headquarters in Real Time or Asynchronously, Connected or Disconnected. 

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