Sani - International Technology Advisors Inc. (SANI-ITA) is partnered with Extensis (formerly Lizardtech) to distribute within the Caribbean and Canadian marketplaces their state of the art imagery and LiDAR compression software, data management, and image serving solutions. To learn more about their current product offerings, please explore the links below or contact us.
Current product offerings include:
GeoExpressExpress ServerGeoViewer
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Extensis® GeoExpress® software reduces storage costs by compressing images to less than 5 percent of their original size using either the industry-standard MrSID® image compression format — now updated to MrSID Generation 4 (MG4™) — or the ISO-standard JPEG 2000 format, all while retaining the visual quality of the originals.
With GeoExpress you can:

Express Server - Fast, Reliable, Standards-Based Image Delivery

Extensis® Express Server® software is the fastest, most stable, and easiest way to distribute compressed, high-resolution raster imagery via standard protocols. With Express Server, users on any device access imagery faster, even in bandwidth-starved environments. Support for MrSID®, JPEG 2000, NITF and Geospatial PDF formats ensures the highest visual quality regardless of connection speed.

Express Server provides ExpressZip, a web viewer for Express Server imagery. You can now view all of your collections and query by region, keyword or resolution. ExpressZip is completely customizable with source code included. In addition, a painless automated upgrade process is now available. Express Server automates the process of migrating all catalogs so that you no longer need to manually update thousands of catalogs when installing a new version of Express Server. No need to re-create the existing image catalogs; all you need to do is simply point Express Server to your existing catalog database and the process of serving imagery can begin.
With Express Server you can:


Extensis® GeoViewer™ is a free viewer that enables you to display raster, vector, LiDAR, WMS, and JPIP layers, and get extensive support for the industry standard MrSID format and the ISO standard JPEG 2000 format.
Features and Benefits:

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