Professional Land Surveys

Using state of the art equipment, we provide various types of field surveys: engineering, utilities and field verifications.
Current SERVICES offerings include:
Engineering SurveysUtility SurveysField Verification SurveysPhotogrammetric Surveys
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Engineering Surveys

SANI-ITA provides surveys for engineering purposes. These are undertaken using state-of-the-art equipment, including GPS and robotic total stations as examples.

Utility Surveys

Utility surveys are required for inventory of above-ground assets or to locate underground services such as storm, sewer, gas and water pipes and electrical, communication and fibre optics cables, as examples. Techniques employed by SANI-ITA in locating and geo-referencing these features are dependent on their depth, material used in construction and proximity to other features.

Field Verification Surveys

For specific projects, e.g. airport obstruction surveys, field verification surveys are required to verify the heights of features for which the photogrammetric process may not be precise as well as other small objects that cannot be seen from the aerial photography.   The information gathered from the field is used to update the data collected by photogrammetry or other data capture methodologies.

Photogrammetric Surveys

SANI-ITA has undertaken numerous photogrammetric surveys employing aerial vehicles equipped with fully integrated, direct geo-referencing airborne sensors delivering resolutions from 2 centimetres and lower to satisfy client requirements in relation to pre-engineering design, earthwork calculations, topographic surveys and the creation of accurate elevation models, as examples. Softcopy photogrammetric procedures including rigorous sensor model triangulation, semi-automated 3D feature extraction, automated elevation extraction as well as orthoimagery production are carried out with state of the art softcopy photogrammetry software to deliver products that meet or exceed client specifications.

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