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The services included in this category refer to volumetric calculations, change detection and 3D visualisations.
Current SERVICES offerings include:
Volumetric ComputationChange Detection3D Visualization
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Volumetric Computation

Many natural resource based companies undertake inventories of their stockpiles of stone, lumber and waste deposits for the evaluation of the economic, environmental and social impact on their organisation or the community. Traditionally, volumes have been calculated by ground survey methods.  Whereas these methods are acceptable, they are generally labour intensive (depending on the area of interest) and may not be suitable for active sites, since work has to be stopped while the survey is in progress. However, work-flows developed by SANI-ITA including softcopy photogrammetric techniques that employ conventional and non-conventional aerial platforms permit volume computations to be attained with minimum field effort, lower cost and repeatability over traditional aerial methods. It also provides flexibility in the use of the processed data so that managers are better able to visualise their inventory while undertaking other applications that may include the generation of cross sections and contours.

Change Detection

Change detection is generally required for natural resource and environmental monitoring, infrastructure maintenance or to measure the effects caused by natural disasters such as a forest fire, hurricane, ice storm, etc.  To perform this task, digital aerial photographs or satellite imagery having the appropriate temporal resolution, which refers to how often a sensor obtains imagery of a certain area, must be acquired.

3D Visualization

SANI-ITA provides our clients with the ability to visualise their data by combining imagery, elevation models and vector data in three-dimensional views. Imagery may be ingested in more than one hundred formats, for example *.img format, .jpg or .tif, while vector data can be ingested using the major vector formats, for example ESRI shapefiles, Microstation or AutoCAD formats.  Fly-throughs can be distributed in popular video formats. This service is of particular importance to clients involved in mission planning, watershed analysis and siting of new telecommunications towers as examples.

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