Data Production

SANI-ITA delivers high accuracy, on-time, and on-budget data products in support of your operations and stakeholder’s needs. 
Examples of data products and processes used by SANI-ITA in their production include the following:
Digital Elevation ModelsOrthophotography
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Digital Elevation Models

Elevations can be extracted automatically from image acquisition undertaken from a wide range of image sensors; namely, aerial cameras including digital, video, metric and non-metric cameras, spaceborne – EROS-B, Pleiades, Worldview, GeoEye, RADARSAT, TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X, as examples. An automated radiometric correlation technique is used by SANI-ITA for processing overlapping pairs of images that provide fast and accurate elevations. The grid size and the extent of the digital elevation model to be collected are interactively specified before the launch of the automated process. Exclusion areas can also be specified during the automated extraction process. The elevations once collected, can be edited, if required, using softcopy photogrammetry terrain editing tools. This is accomplished through functions applicable either to individual points, or to groups of points specified by interactively user-defined polygons. Breaklines can also be added during the interactive elevation editing.


Imagery gains added value when georeferenced.  Orthorectified image products are created based on aerial triangulation data, the raw imagery and edited elevation models, either third party supplied or generated in-house. During this process, rigorous algorithms are used to convert the raw imagery (aerial or satellite), into metric products, with defined pixel sizes, units and projection values.  SANI-ITA employs rigorous techniques in its orthorectification processes that permits image dodging, automatic radiometric balancing, automatic cut line generation and editing, previewing of the mosaic prior to output.  As most users want the imagery cut into tiles due to the large size of seamless mosaics, it is also common to request a mosaic of all imagery covering the project area, compressed in one of the most popular compression formats, e.g. MrSID.

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