Data Maintenance and Integration

We offer a variety of services related to data maintenance and integration, including, but not limited to, updates, compression, web and mobile solutions.
Current SERVICES offerings include:
Mapping UpdateData Management and CompressionSystems Integration, Web & Mobile Solutions Land Information Systems Development
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Mapping Update

Governments at all levels (Federal, Provincial, Municipal and so forth) collect geographic data over time. Geographic data, to be current, must be maintained. Maintenance requires as a first step, an assessment of the amount of change that must be determined.  This assessment can be obtained by utilizing  change detection algorithms using a ‘before’ and ‘after’ image, if available, carrying out a site inspection or determining the approximate change from existing development applications.  For new developments, the mapping update process will require the collection of as-built features and recording of elevation changes in the development area. Depending on the size of the project area (a municipality, an airport, etc.) and the accuracy required for the final product, ground surveys or aerial/satellite imagery collection, or a combination thereof, may be utilized by SANI-ITA.
In cases where accuracy requirements are less stringent, feature updates can be carried out by SANI-ITA using automated or semi-automated feature extraction techniques from orthorectified images.

Data Management and Compression

Data Management and Compression present challenges for an organization.  This is in part due to new demands on organizations to effectively deliver greater volumes of data to an ever growing number of stakeholders, and also with greater veracity and velocity.  While data compression tools exist, there are often trade-offs that occur by use of the tools in selecting compression ratios, lossy vs lossless formats, and other parameters which make the more space efficient representation of the data either useful or useless for the end user, and cost-effective or costly for the managing organization.

Data management and compression services by SANI-ITA can assist your organization by ensuring that your data compression and data management projects are successful in the eyes of your stakeholder and your CFO.   We work with your stakeholders to understand their needs in an optimized data product, develop a strategy for delivering these products, and execute on your behalf the compression process with greater compression throughput than can typically be managed in-house.   The entire project is significantly de-risked,  realized sooner, and in a manner that can bring greater returns to your data investment.

Systems Integration, Web & Mobile Solutions

Ever increasing opportunities exist for innovation to occur within an organization and for organizational risks to be avoided through timely technological responses to demographic changes within ones workforce.  Informal networks of cooperation between employees of different departments that exist can in order to get things done, can be replaced by data interchange through formal computational processes and systems integration.   Advances in mobile and web-based solutions also allow for workforce members  - once limited to the use of computers exclusively within the geographic confines of the office – to leverage technology in the field, to cut down on errors, expedite data delivery, increase accuracy of observations, and make more informed decisions when and where it matters.

SANI-ITA has an extensive background in consulting and technology integration that can help organizations find the right level of technology adoption for their needs and comfort level.  Best of all, we provide you with pragmatic solutions that not only deliver immediate value and establishes a solid foundation to be built upon when your organization is ready, but also are in sync with the technology horizon that lies ahead.  

Land Information Systems Development

We are providing customised Land Information Systems (LIS) for government or private projects, including cadastral, planning, infrastructure, emergency services and environmental studies.

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