Data Acquisition

In a broad sense Data acquisition is the process of sampling signals that measure real world physical conditions and converting the resulting samples into digital numeric values that can be manipulated by a computer.   It can be costly from a financial perspective, time consuming, and difficult to coordinate for various reasons that include but are not limited to resource availability, weather, budgetary constraints, and deliverable deadlines.  In order to optimize the process, care must be taken to ensure that the specifications relating to the data acquisition and post-processing are appropriate for intended use, and furthermore, that adequate controls are in place to ensure that the project outputs, as based on these specifications, are fit for purpose and available at the intended delivery time.  

SANI-ITA provides various methodologies for defining appropriate specifications, capturing and recording data on the surface of the Earth. Ground based survey techniques as well as acquisition from airborne or spaceborne sensors can be employed for data acquisition, which is viewed as an independent requirement, or as an integral part of a complete geomatics workflow. 
Current Services offerings include:
GroundAerial PhotographySatellite Imagery
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SANI-ITA provides traditional ground surveys using GPS and total stations as well as services related to the acquisition of imagery for close range photogrammetric applications. SANI-ITA also provides services in topographic mapping, as well as ‘non-conventional’ projects, e.g. environmental monitoring.

Aerial Photography

SANI-ITA offers services related to the acquisition of aerial photography using aerial vehicles - traditional fixed wing aircraft, helicopter or UAV with fully integrated, directly georeferenced (using on-board GPS / IMU), airborne digital camera systems. Project management services are offered also on aerial photography projects.

Senior staff members are available to assist clients with redefining traditional workflows in order to embrace new softcopy photogrammetric/remote sensing technology advancements. 

Satellite Imagery

SANI-ITA is a partner of ImageSat International, a leading provider of high-resolution satellite imagery. Services include supply of archived images, flexible satellite tasking (standard or rush), premium services (e.g. real time data download) and image analysis (including training).

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