Sani-International Technology Advisors Inc. (SANI-ITA) is pleased to announce the distributor partnership with BAE Systems. This distributorship brings BAE Systems’ Geospatial eXploitation Products (GXP®) to the Canadian and Caribbean marketplaces. SANI-ITA will exclusively market and sell GXP products to Canadian and Caribbean customers.

GXP provides licensed software capabilities and geospatial technology research and development. BAE Systems commercial software products, GXP Xplorer® V2.3, GXP Webview, GXP OnScene, GXP InMotion Video Server, GXP InMotion Video Desktop, SOCET GXP® and SOCET SET® provide customers with comprehensive image and video analysis, data management, and geospatial production capabilities.
Current product offerings include:
GXP Xplorer V2.3GXP WebviewGXP InMotion Video ServerGXP OnSceneSocet GXP Socet SETGXP InMotion Video Desktop
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GXP Xplorer V2.3 – Data Management made easy.

GXP Xplorer’s Web client was built for browser-based access from anywhere with comprehensive enterprise-wide sharing. Users can search multiple data stores simultaneously, then view, chip, and order imagery without the need for specialized software.

GXP Webview – Lightweight Analysis from within a Web Browser 

The GXP WebView add-on module for GXP Xplorer® is a light-weight Electronic Light Table (ELT) designed as a quick and easy tool for report creation and simple image viewing.

GXP InMotion Video Server

Part of the GXP Platform, the GXP InMotion Video Server manages video exploitation tasks in an enterprise environment, allowing organizations to scale based on the number of video missions and Analysts required.

GXP OnScene - Tactical, real-time command and control to first responders in the field.

The GXP OnScene mobile application leverages the power of the GXP Platform and allows incident command and responders in the field to work from a common operating picture for maximum efficiency and shared geospatial awareness at the scene of an event or crisis.

Socet GXP V4.2

Geospatial-intelligence, rapid analysis, and product creation from satellite, aerial, video, terrain.
Available Modules:

Socet SET

Digital mapping software is used for precision photogrammetry and geospatial analysis
Available Modules:

GXP InMotion Video Desktop

The GXP InMotion Video Desktop video analysis application combines a sleek, streamlined user experience with a powerful set of tools designed for every level of the video analyst’s needs.

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