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We have a wealth of experience in providing reliable airport safety related services.
Current SERVICES offerings include:
ICAO Type “A” and Category III Obstruction SurveysObstacle Limitation Surveys
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ICAO Type “A” and Category III Obstruction Surveys

SANI-ITA specialises in the acquisition and development of Airport related Land Information Systems inclusive of safety related information, such as Obstacle Limitation Surveys, for example, ICAO Type “A” and Category III Obstruction Surveys; the establishment and maintenance of Airport Digital Site Databases; Airport Data Restructuring; and Airport Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Obstacle Limitation Surveys

For Obstacle Limitation Surveys, Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS) – Outer Surface, Take-Off/Approach Surface and Transitional Surface as examples - normally extend beyond the boundary of an Airport and must be monitored by way of Airport obstruction surveys for objects that may project into these Surfaces.  Airport obstruction surveys enhance safety by providing accurate spatial coordinates for objects that could potentially pose hazards to aircraft on take-off and landing. By definition, an obstruction is any natural or man-made object, such as a tree, tower, antenna, pole or building as examples that penetrates an airport’s OLS.  The OLS are mathematically-defined surfaces that typically encompass the airfield and approaches. 

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