Advisory Services

At SANI-ITA, we help clients understand and manage risks, improve and sustain performance, and undertake transformation initiatives that help transform strategy into reality.
Advisory Service offerings include:
Requirements Analysis & Specification Design Programme ManagementThird Party Audits Consulting & Project Management
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Requirements Analysis & Specification Design 

SANI-ITA partners with you to understand and address your unique requirements and transformation imperatives by way of thorough and robust data-driven needs assessments.   Building upon the requirements analysed, SANI-ITA works with you to develop mapping and infrastructure specifications that can serve as a basis for a continuous and consistent geospatial technology / mapping related programme.

Programme Management

SANI-ITA provides advisory services that help clients de-risk, optimize, and sustain mapping and geomatics related programmes.
Key areas of expertise include: 

Third Party Audits

SANI-ITA has extensive experience in performing third party audits for clients in the Americas. Advanced automated techniques and reporting mechanisms have been developed for ensuring that all phases of a mapping project from the image acquisition stage to final deliverables of base data including orthoimagery meet or exceed project specifications.   Third-party audits by SANI-ITA allow for significant de-risking of project / programme deliverables and greater efficiencies.

Consulting & Project Management

SANI-ITA undertakes to provide qualified consultants to complete short-term projects / assignments which are task-based. These assignments may relate to a particular activity or initiative and can address a specific Geomatics need which usually has a specified set of responsibilities.
SANI-ITA provides consulting in the following areas:

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