Sani-International Technology Advisors Inc. provides high quality services, integrative solutions, timely deliveries and expert support in the fields of Geomatics and Information Technology.

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SANI-ITA offers services incorporated in the service types listed below. Please click on a service type to learn more.

About us

SANI-INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY ADVISORS INC. is an ISO 9001:2015  registered geomatics firm. We are passionate about service delivery and are committed to providing innovative, high quality and timely services that meet or exceed your specifications. We are interdisciplinary, technology driven and committed to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our services. We will tackle your complex problems and implement pragmatic solutions. We are eager to help you maximize your returns on investment in both the short and long term and help you minimize the risk profile of your geomatics and technology engagements. Contact us now to get started.
SANI - INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY ADVISORS INC.  - ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc. ISO 9001:2015 Management System Certification
RICS qualified geomatics member in good standing.


SANI-ITA provides the Canadian and Caribbean marketplaces with expert product sales, systems integration and technical support for solutions from the partners featured below. We work to ensure that you acquire configurations of partner technology that is fit for use, fit for purpose, and utilized to its fullest potential within your use-case and localized context. To get started, either click on a partner logo to become acquainted with our technology portfolio or contact us.
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SANI-INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY ADVISORS INC. offers Core, Expert, and Specialized training courses. Topics taught previously at each level are as follows:
Core Training Courses
Fundamentals, Desktop Mapping, Imagery Analysis, Stereo Collection, Cartography, Stereo Analysis, Virtual Model development and analysis.
Expert Training Courses
DEM Generation and Editing, Photogrammetry, Hyperspectral Imagery Analysis, Spatial Modeling and Expert Systems, Softcopy Triangulation & DEM Extraction Strategies, Quality Control and Quality Assurance
Specialist Training Courses
Developer Toolkits, API's, and Best Practices.
Customized Training Courses
Customized training course are available upon request. Contact us for more information.


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